The Reason Internet exists

The internet was created in order for people to share things. It was originally created so many different computers could communicate to each other on a single network. This webpage will be about me talking about how the internet has changed our future and why the internet is such a extrodinary invention that was created.

How the Internet was created

The first workable prototype of the Internet came in the late 1960s with the invention of ARPANET. ARPANET used packet switching for multiple computers to communicate on a single network. This work was all funded by The U.S department of Defense.

How the Internet has revolutionized our world

It has impacted our world in many different ways just some of the examples of positive change are job employent, lifestyle, and traveling. Thanks ot the internet it has allowed us to get jobs, do shopping, and finding ways of travel easier than ever! I think this is amoazing how in just a 100 years how much can change

How the Internet will impact us in the future

Even though it's still a guess what our future will look like it's sure to say the internet will keep evolving. the internet helps us to communicate with others and in the future although it exists already the machines will do manufacturing work and it's safe to say that the internet will play a big part in controlling these robots.

Why the internet is so popular

the internet is always growing with people all around the world who has access to the internet keeps growing. One reason this is the case because the internet whether you speak different languages is very easy to you and is very customizable to yourself.

What I think about the internet

I think the internet is humanities on of the best accomplishments we have made and will continually change out world as time goes on.